Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th of July!

The weather has been wonderful for this long weekend! We had a few friends over Saturday night for a little celebration. Yesterday we went to see Star Wars and yes, it was far better than the previous two. I think today we'll try to see War of the Worlds. I realized I hadn't seen a movie since the Fall of 2004. Eek! The dissertation really took over! So we're trying to make up for it now I guess:)

I've also been making a lot of beads and pocket vases to get ready for the Willoughby show that is July 16th.

Many of you have asked about Grammie and I haven't posted much about her because I am so sad about the fact that she is in a nursing home now. She was hospitalized about a week ago and the doctors were arguing about whether or not she had congestive heart failure. In the meantime, she had fluid on her lungs so they were dehydrating her in attempts of getting the fluid removed...ugh. I could go on and on but, essentially, she was transferred to a nursing home last week and I'm not optimistic that she'll recover enough to go back home.

Well, I don't want to leave you all on that sad note so on a lighter note I think we'll be using up the sparklers we bought last year at the karate and fireworks store in Erie, PA off of I-90. If you've never stopped there (on your way to NY) you really must. It's a hoot! We go for the entertainment value and leave with 50$ worth of fireworks...he he.

Have a great 4th everyone!

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