Tuesday, September 12, 2006



It seemed as if after we returned from VT we were slammed with things and I haven't had a chance to say hi. I spent Saturday at open torch with my PA guild friends. This is where we all come together and make beads. It's really nice since we mostly work in isolation so to be able to make beads and talk to friends is a treat! Sunday I went to the Jersey Fire Devils meeting in NJ and that was great too. I didn't have to drive (thank you Merle) and Jeri Warhaftig gave a demo using her new puffy mandrels and I realized that using these mandrels makes making the one eyed aliens super easy! I'm always struggling with popping the hole in the hollow bead and this mandrel lets me super heat one spot and blow a hole from the inside out! TOO COOL! I'll try to have Aaron take a picture next time I do it to show you.

Speaking of Aaron he is still working on painting the studio, but it is closer to being done. Hopefully, we can have the electrician come back in early October to install the baseboard heat and outlets.

The plumbing continues to be problematic, but an end is in sight. We have to have one last section replaced, which means a larger hole in the ceiling and more mess...ugh!

OK, that's all I can think of to update you on. Have a great week!

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