Monday, November 26, 2012

What kills your creativity? Vulnerability and Shame?

I came across Brene Brown's research about a year ago and am fascinated by her work on shame and vulnerability.  If you've ever felt 'not good enough' it's important that you listen to this recent interview Brene did with Krista Tippett on the NPR show On Being here.   Brene will encourage you to consciously choose to start living a whole-hearted life. What does that mean?

Do you measure your self-worth by your productivity or use your level of  exhaustion as a status symbol?  What are the shame triggers that get in the way of doing what we are supposed to do?

For example, comparison kills creativity.  This is one reason why I was drawn to zentangle because it is non-representational.  You are not comparing your drawing of an apple to the actual apple.  

If you like the podcast look into Brene's TED talks on previous blog posts.

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