Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Hammered Flowers on Tiles

I picked up a cool effect from my friend and fellow CZT Leslie Coren.   She explained how to hammer flowers into paper.  You take the blossom and place it face down on your tile.  Then place a paper towel over it and hammer it several times.  The color from the flower will transfer to the tile and then you scrape the remaining flower part off the paper.  Below is an example of some flowers I hammered and then how I tangled the tile around the violets.  Forget-me-nots did not work so well (that's what the big brown blog was from), but the violets work great!  Try it and post some images of what you are able to do!!  

1 comment:

jennyb said...

No way!! I've never heard of this before. What a great idea! And beautiful tangle to go with the beautifully transposed flowers, too, Katy! :)