Tuesday, February 28, 2006

We're Alive!!

We survived the move!! The movers arrived to pack last Wednesday and they loaded it all on Thursday and took off. Once I finished cleaning the house I took off for PA with the kitties on Friday. I wasn't sure how we would all survive 7 hours in the car, but we made it! At one point, both kitties were in my lap...I have some great pictures I will share with you as soon as I can. Aaron and I spent the weekend exploring the area and doing all the really fun stuff like opening bank accounts and buying appliances...ugh!

Our stuff was delivered yesterday and of course I unpacked my studio stuff first:). I am going to have a temporary studio in the basement until we can fix up the area above the garage. I'm hoping to finish setting it up so I can make some beads tonight!

We don't have phone or internet service yet so it's going to be a little while still before we can start selling on line again. Right now I am able to use the library computer for 60 minutes every day. That goes by very quickly!

More soon!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Making a Paperweight

Here are some images of me making a paperweight. They are from the class I took with Paul Stankard at the Corning Glass Studio.

This first image is of me picking up the design using a metal cuff with holes in the bottom to let the air out.

The second image is what the top half of the paperweight looks like when it comes out of the cuff.

Next I take a big gather of clear glass and add it for the bottom half of the paper weight. The design I picked up is now sandwiched in between the clear glass.

Next you shape the paperweight.

The finished product (just before I knock it off the glass punty and put it in the kiln)! Along with classmates Ed and Justin.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Moving Forward

Well things are moving forward in all directions! We are set to close on the house I showed you below this Friday the 17th. Aaron is on his way though the blizzard to Philly so he can start work tomorrow. I'm getting our house in Cleveland ready to be put on the market. I am also going to be working the Buyers Market of American Craft (BMAC) show this week, which happens to be in Philly!

BMAC is a wholesale show that offers artists a venue to establish relationships with buyers from all over the country. I have never been to it before, but have heard that it is a fantastic show. I'm not selling my work, but there in my capacity as the VP of Education for the International Society of Glass Beadmakers who organizes the booth.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Future Studio??

Hi Everyone,

So sorry for my silence. We've had so much going on and I have much to tell you! I'm going to post an image of the house we are negotiating for in Philadelphia. It's actually in a town called Abington. It has 3 Bedrooms and 1.5 Baths with a detached 2 car garage. There is a room above the garage that I am planning on turning into my new studio! We'll have to put some work into it (new roof, electrical, heat, paint, and floor) but, I think it will be wonderful to get out of the basement!!