Sunday, October 29, 2006

We have Ventilation!

I'm so excited to tell you about my weekend! My dear friends Doug and Aline Peterson came to visit from Cleveland to install ventilation in my studio for me. This is becomming a ritual. Everytime we move they come and save the day and make sure I can make beads safely. Ventilation is important to pull any fumes that are produced from the combustion of the torch or use of metals away from me and outside. Here was the process:

First, I ordered a bunch of supplies and learned a bunch about duct work!

Doug cut a hole in the ceiling where we wanted the ventiliation to be.

Then he went up into the tiny attic. This is where the blower motor was installed. It sucks from one opening and blows out another.

Hi Doug!

Doug had to drill a lot of holes....
And finally we turned it on and Aline tested the sucking capacity!!

Thank you Doug & Aline!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Trip to NYC

Last weekend my brother and his girlfriend had an open studio sale so we ran up to Brooklyn to see the show (they are both photographers). It was part of a larger festival where there were many open studios and installation shows going on in the DUMBO Arts area. I took a picture of Aaron with this lady who said she was a 'walking museum' and she lit up all over and was pulling a car battery in her rolling suitcase for power. The other image is from one of the gallery installations.

I've lost the charger to my camera battery and am waiting on one to arrive that I found on ebay - so more pictures to come as soon as I can! We have a new roof on the garage/studio yeah! Plumbing leaks are fixed (sort of). I'll explain later!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Shopping Cart & Bead Fest

I wanted to give you an update that Aaron has been working tirelessly on the new shopping cart system, so hopefully very soon we will not have the troubles we've been having.

Bead Fest was this past weekend and my last show of the year! I had a fun time catching up with my bead friends and buying beads of course! I didn't sell many beads, but that means I have a lot of inventory to put up on the website.

Stay tuned for new products and an easy new shopping cart!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hot Time in the Mountains

I have been asked to give more frequent updates on my blog! I'm so sorry - it's just been a busy few weeks.....that turned into all know how that goes!

Anyway, I was down in Asheville, NC over the weekend as a guest demonstrator for Hot Time in the Mountains, which is a glass bead retreat at A Touch of Glass. There were about 30 of us and we had a wonderful time! Here is a group shot.

This is Marcy Lamberson giving a demo on how to make a gorilla:).

This is a really cool wood sculpture that was on the wall of Mountain Glass Arts a company that sells lampworking supplies.

And here is an update on the kitchen - larger hole, still working with the plumber to finish up the repairs.....ugh!

This weekend I'll be an exhibitor at Bead Fest at the Reading Convention Center, please stop by and say hello - this is my last show of the year!!