Thursday, October 07, 2010

Wonderful Email I Received

I received this email today after I sent 5 beads to the Toledo Museum of Art for their bead curtain project.  It just made my day:)

Dear Katherine,

On behalf of the entire Toledo Museum of Art community, I would like to thank you for the beautifully done glass lentil beads that we will be adding to our bead curtain. We appreciate that you took the time to make this special artwork for our community art project and I know they will inspire those who see them!

Our bead curtain community art project called, The Bead Goes On, was first imagined by one of our glass artists, Robin Schultes. Her idea has really taken off and we've had beads from all over the world by artists such as yourself, and also community members, some who have physical and mental limitations or stressed life circumstances. The curtain is progressing well! Here is a link in case you are curious!

Once again, we appreciate the time it took you to handcraft your beads get them to us from Pennsylvania!

Best to you,
Jennifer Bandeen
Robin Schultes
Toledo Museum of Art