Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Store Front Art!

Hi everyone!  Just because I haven't posted in a long time doesn't mean I haven't been making art!!  Our local Chamber of Commerce wanted to "beautify" the uptown area of our small town by having people paint art in the windows of vacant store fronts.  I submitted a proposal and it was accepted!  This past weekend we finished up the art and here are the process photos I wanted to share with you.  This happened over 3 days.  My mom and my daughter helped me too!

 Window before I started and the X was string I used to help me find the center of the window.
Guidelines I drew and I started to draw the design from the center.

Almost finished outlining the design. End of day 1.

Start of day 2 - we added tempera paints and cut up pieces of sponge to apply the paint.

we had to sign our names on the outside and then trace them on the inside - This is my mom!

My 11 yr old daughter helped too!

first coat of paint on!

view from the outside

my mom and me!!

Start of Day 3 we worked on the door. I had to add Bijou!  

Here I am again!

The door and the two together!