Sunday, August 21, 2005

Hot Rods

I enjoyed hosting the Hot Rods meeting yesterday, even though we had torrential down pours at first. We had to hide out in our garage (no, our living room isn't that big). Aaron grilled burgers & dogs in the rain. Everything was yummy. Aaron and Doug also cut down a dead tree we had...boy that was something to watch!

We're also dog sitting for some friends of ours. Cookie is really sweet, but she has been using our floor as a toilet even though we take her for walks outside constantly!! Our cats are NOT happy with the new house guest. They will be very glad to see her go home tonight.

I just returned from Toledo where I picked up a used indoor booth display from an artist who has stopped doing shows. It's really nice and I'm looking forward to trying it out in December for the By-Hand show. It's funny that the display material for a show takes up more room than my actual inventory!!

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