Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mindfulness, habit, and neuroplasticity

I recently attended a two-hour Introduction to Mindfulness class taught by the Director of the University of Pennsylvania Program for Mindfulness (their website can be found here). It was helpful in understanding more about the history of mindfulness, why the science of neuroplasticity has led to the support of mindfulness practices, and some of the techniques that are used to practice mindfulness.  Of course, I believe the Zentangle Method can be used to practice mindfulness and is one of the reasons why I was drawn to becoming a Certified Zentangle Teacher.

This video is a great description of what mindfulness, habit, and neruoplasticity have in common.  Take a look, it's very interesting.

Finally, I found some free mindfulness podcasts produced by UCLA here.  I haven't listened to them yet, but plan to soon.  Maybe I can listen while I am working on a Zentangle....

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