Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Good morning!

So since it looks like I'll be graduating in August, we have been assuming we would be leaving the Cleveland area. I have been interviewing for faculty positions but have not been selected for those positions thus far. It seems that the combination of not having already completed my Ph.D. along with the fact that I have only been applying to positions in states that we want to move to (e.g., NM, AZ, OR, WA, NY, CA, FL) has made the job search more difficult.

So it looks like we'll be staying in Cleveland for another year and I'll be back on the job market this August. At first it was really difficult for me to accept the fact that I'll have to survive another winter in Cleveland and I kept thinking that I've been working on a degree for 8 years just to be unemployed. But, the interesting part is that now I'm in a situation to actually see if my beads can support me. This is something I've never even allowed myself to consider.

I've been applying to any show I can find and hope to have enough shows lined up to bring in some funds to pay the bills.

I'll keep you posted on my journey :)

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