Monday, April 11, 2005

Update on the Ph.D.

I know many of you have been following my 8 year quest to finish my Ph.D. and believe it or not, it's almost complete! I will be defending my dissertation this Thursday April 14th at 10am. If all goes well, I'll graduate in August.

I'll keep you posted! Thank goodness for my beads because they help keep me sane and thanks to my customers for supporting my therapy:).

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Anonymous said...

What luck, I check in the eve before you defend your disertation. Well, damn it, they better give it to you!! Hope you remember me? I'm one of your followers & usually buy a fair amount at one of your shows. Well, this year will be no different! Unless you want to get togeather before shows this year.
You are as talented as you are nice, and I suggest all who read this to buy. This woman is a wonderful as well as her talents.
You can't leave Cleveland... we'll miss you!
Hope you're well, and good luck.
Sincerely, Steve